Now you can send bouquets of donuts instead of flowers

When you care enough to send the very best, skip the Hallmark cards and flowers and ship a bouquet of donuts to a loved one.

It's a thing. A bunch of donut bouquet shops have popped up around the globe. Here's what I could find:

-- Los Angeles: Donut Princess LA, prices start at $20 for three donuts

-- London: Donut Bouquets, prices start at £34.99 (~$48.87) for eight donuts, delivered in a "luxurious black box"

-- Australia (various cities):, prices start at $78 AUD (~$61.15) for eight donuts, also in a fancy box

-- Las Vegas and Henderson: The Donut Bouquet, prices at $49.95 for a dozen, customizations available

This is not to be confused with the evil clown donut delivery service.

image via Donut Princess LA

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